Summary – week 3 and 4 (21/10/2017 – 05/11/2017) at GG-loop
During my third and fourth week in the GG-Loop architectural office together with the team we finished work on the exhibition pavilion. Moreover, I was introduced to many new issues related to ‘Freebooter’ – the project of a residential building.

Many important events took place in past two weeks. Our office conducts intensive communication with all kinds of specialists (builders, engineers, contractors, clients, producers, ect). These negotiations and arrangements were very intense, because they lead to finalizing and signing the contract between all main entities related to the project. I learned a lot about the process of cooperation between all those subjects. Every person in the office introduces his contribution to the projects, and each of them has its goals and point of view on the project. During this phase of the process, the role of architect is to coordinate the work between all entities, make sure that all the drawings, documentation and legal affairs are consistent so that the actual process of building the house will go smoothly and all the elements will arrive at the plot on time and perfectly fit their places.

Furthermore, I was taught about the importance of a network of connections. As an entrepreneur, the head of GG-loop office is always looking for new opportunities and business ideas. The office provides a variety of services and products in a wide scope of scales. From small, everyday use objects, to huge buildings. However the office does not stop there. In the near future we will be involved in interesting research about hydroponic cultures. It will be a great way to learn how to connect design and ecology in a way that serves people and the environment, at the same time developing connections with educational units, creative associations and local authorities.




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