During these weeks the focus of the whole office was on the competition for Ajax. It is a competition for both urban and architectural design, on quite a big terrain near the Ajax Arena in Amsterdam. Everyone was working on something different, and the tasks were changing dynamically. I was first working on the floorplans and sections of the main building. As it is a competition, there is an emphasis on the clearness and simplicity of the design and the graphics. The goal is a bit different than in a private commission. My HE also underlined that the jury are not architects, and they will look at the design from a different, more pragmatic perspective. After finishing the drawing to a satisfactory level, I was working on photoshopping the masterplan to present it in a graphically appealing form.

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In the meantime some small changes were introduced in both the Hilversum and Dordrecht projects and send to the investors. I introduced them, so I could observe which kind of things are the main attention of the investors. In one project we created 3 options for the underground garage. In the other, we created an option of the layout of apartments, with corridor in a different place than before.

In the next weeks there is the deadline of the competition so the whole team will focus on it.