During the eleventh and twelfth week in GG-loop architecture office, we finally finished milestone step in ‘Freebooter’ project. In those two weeks, final drawings (plans, sections and details) were prepared. The most important phase of the project was completed and delivered to the builder. Now the construction can really start off. We expect the builder to prepare the plot in the next several days. The preparation will include fencing the area, collecting all necessary equipment and materials, and preparing the quarters for the workers.

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Moreover, we prepared the concept of the chair for a meeting in Paris. We finished working on the basic concept. The process required a lot of work with form. We used parametric software to obtain the final look that we desired. After deciding final appearance, renderings and presentation were prepared for a meeting with a Parisian furniture producer. It is just a beginning phase of the design process and discussions, but we are happy with the results and hope to build the prototype in the future.




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