Here we are, from Kozani in this experience in the Stelios apiculture activity.

During these two weeks me and Niko continued to collect honeycombs in order to be easy for the bees to warm and clean the apiary during the winter.

Niko explained me that each apiary will need in the winter 14 kilograms of honey to feed the bees and so we left at least 6 honeycombs in each apiary that all together contain around 12 kilograms of honey. This means that we will need in the next months to add some kilograms of sugar paste to reach the indispensable quantity of sustenance for the bees. During the collection of honeycombs we pay attention to don’t extract the ones that contain pollen, eggs or the queen bee and also we positioned a piece of polystyrene at place of honeycombs in order to keep the temperature.

Right now we completed the procedure in around 60 apiaries, and so we have other 60 apiary to do the same work and after that they will be ready to stand the winter. During the beehives inspection we noticed lots of wasps dead out of the apiary, that means they use to get inside and it is a problem from the moment that are hostile for the bees; the biological way to solve that is to find the wasps’ nest and remove it.

Furthermore we controlled if the queen bee makes eggs and also we noticed that same bees are still damaged from the Acaro Barroa so we made a biological therapy with the oxalate acid in the entrance of the apiary.

That’s all, appointment to the next report!




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