Hi everybody..!!

I would like to introduce my new experience with Erasmus Entrepreneurs in Eindhoven (InnoSportLab).

I agreed with my host entrepreneur Roald Van der Vliet, he is a Dutch entrepreneur and manages a lot of business related to Sport and health wellness.

I’m working in a laboratory in the Netherlands called Innosportlab, where through an international team we try to improve the performance of athletics to get more chances to win in the Olympics game.

The environments  of the work is really cheerful because we have the office in the Swimming Pool and we work in a place surrounded by a challenging atmosphere with the Olympic atheletis for assessing the improvemets and for planning the next path. We work all together during the week but we also arrange something to stay together and get to knowmore each other on the weekends.

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My colloboration with the HE is really productive , we spend a lot of time together for speak about the strategy or simply we discuss about the next pass to do for achieve the goal. The energy of the HE is the most stimulated thing for me, he has always new ideas, new aims and this really helps me to achieve my goals.

I am developing my business plan, the idea is to introduce in the Netherlands new devices for help the Performers to get the meximum from theirselves in the next Olympic games. I’m working  with my HE and together we develop new ideas but it’s not easy we have to do a lot of work and the rules of marketing change everyday. However, we have time to manage this.I’m working very hard but i hope also my effort  can be awarded in the time.

This experience can change my life and I’m very proud of this great opportunity. I learn everyday  new assessments, new tools and my brain is open to discover new issues and to improve my personal and professional skills.

In this 2 weeks I’m working about my program (development of my device) and in the next step, I should perform the business activity of the company, obviously with the HE help. In the next two weeks a lot of things can change because  the Entrepreneur has a lot of ideas for my nearly future.

The work is in progress…!!!!

Thanks Erasmus Entrepreneurs




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