My adventure began with expectations, increase my work experience and increase knowledge of the international market in the field of events and arts industry. I knew that here in Rotterdam, the answer would be positive. In fact as soon as I came out from the Central Station it seemed to have put one foot in the future. This is what suggests the architecture of the Central Station and the surrounding buildings. Many bicycles in circulation on perfect bike
paths branched in all the streets, have been suggested to me that this country travels on the right track.


I arrived in Rotterdam the 20th of May and my Host came kindly to take me at the station. After a good esotic dinner Steven showed me my new house and he came back to his home. The next day, after a short turistic tour, he showed me the Triphouse Rotterdam office and we immediately started to work on the Atlas elcetronic Music & Arts Festival project . It is an electronic music festival that will take place the first week of September 2016 to Marrachesh,

I deal with communication, mailing, marketing, finding italian and spanish contacts and translating press releases. I given a first look at the WordPress software and i have already learnt much thinghs about event management and programming.


My first impression was that this guys know in which ways they can move and, above all, that they have the media to make their work. They love music and for me is simple to work in an ambient like this. I hope to continue this experience by learning even more.





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