I’m going to tell you the experience of Francesco Lapacciana

Francesco has been given many opportunities throughout his 12 week stay at Vibe TV.


Firstly his use of the English language was extremely limited at the beginning, but that has improved dramatically from working with team. We always ask members from the Erasmus program to create a short film around the Marina, so they can understand their location, familiarise themselves with the local area, and we can see the quality of their work as it stands. Francesco made a good start on this, but unfortyunately didn’t have time to finish the project because Vibe was inundated with projects that he became a part of.
One of Francesco’s first projects was ‘Hi Impact Brows’. This was a make up overview video. He went to an initial meeting, and saw the creative team understand the clients thoughts and ideas. Then we had to shoot on location, he was in charge of the 7D camera, filming behind the scene footage of the shoot taking place. Francesco was great, he went off and did his own thing. He was always finding new, and interesting angles to film from. Throughout this project, the client had changed their idea and concept, and for the end result, we used a majority of Francesco’s footage.

A constant project throughout Francesco’s working program was filming The Cornerstone Sessions. This is a music channel that Vibe has created on Youtube, which is filmed and live streamed on Monday night’s at 7pm.
The idea is to give unknown artists, with original music a platform to play on to seek new followers. Francesco was in charge of a camera, and had to follow direction from Ben, who is editing live and streaming the edit live to the internet channel. This is good training for any budding camera man, to act quickly, and do what he is told. Ultimately, this is a different line of work from what Francesco is used to, as it supresses his creativity, however, it helps him move quickly around a camera and is a great team bonding exercise.
The ‘Local Hero Awards’ was the longest project that Francesco became a part of. He was again in charge of the 7D camera, and became quite comfortable with this bit of equipment. He went on location with the team to film short interviews for films which were to be showed of the winners on the night. He was inquisitive, and wanted to understand the stories of the people that we were filming. He was integral in editing about half of the interviews. This was a learning curve for him as well. On the first round of editing, he had cut the videos under supervision and was asked to place static photos overlaid appropriately. His grasp of English held him back on this task, but we went back and again watched him under supervision and we had a good end product. To complete this project, like The Cornerstone Sessions, Francesco was under direction of Ben to live stream from an assigned camera to the big screen on the front of the screen, at the front of the stage, in front of a live audience… there was no room for error.

Personally, I think Francesco’s stay here at Vibe TV has been both productive and beneficial. His camera skills, editing skills, use of English language have all improved. He has witnessed and worked on projects from beginning to completion and seen the pace in which projects have to be finalised. We wish Francesco every luck in his future life with camera in hand, and keep creating! A creative world is a fun and fascinating world.




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