I like the way in which EBB staff organize the work. They are a real team and I am learning a lot of the process of discussing new idea and give them life (or reject it in same case: that is also useful!). The method that EBB Managing Director start to apply for “Teamsitzung” is inspired by Kanban and Scrum methodology. It is inspiring for my job (as well project management technique) and I start to think how to apply it to Start Europe! In the last week I was involved also in “Leitbilddiskussion” both in German and English to facilitate my understanding. We are also in the way to discuss the potential integration between the idea of Start Europe! and Europa Beratung development. In the meantime I am also working on the understanding of new European and Deutsch programme and on developing application form with my new network in Berlin.


The last days here in Berlin were also full of exciting events. Thanks to EBB I have attended an interesting event on circular economy in Berlin-Neukolln and met the responsible for EU affairs Senate for Urban Development to introduce our work on “actors of urban change” in Palermo. I have also met a teacher working in Integration project for migrants discussing with her and my colleague in Sicily new idea for project Sicily – Berlin! EBB give me also the opportunity to present Bond of Union work to a great class of “European Project Studies” of “Hochscule fur Wirtschaft”.


In Berlin you have the feeling to be in the centre of Europe in these days and this was also the case of the last event we went with EBB staff: #Europe Calling. The idea of a new social Europe was discussed along with actual topic as integration of refugees and cohesion in Europe. Danke Berlin for the moment, waiting for more!





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