CHERUBINA wishes to begin its development in France. France is recognized for its prestige in terms of fashion and is a great development opportunity for the company. Thus, Lucía and I contacted specialized marketing agencies in the field of fashion. These communication agencies are showrooms specializing in the promotion and distribution of collections to fashion professionals (retailers). We chose only showrooms in Paris because it is the international fashion capital. We also contacted blogs and registered on wedding service sites to offer our services for our handmade wedding dresses. All these actions allowed me to see the development process of a company and especially the importance of contacting many blogs and agencies because a very small amount of them eventually give a positive response. I also discovered the different modes of distribution related to fashion.

To contact these showrooms, we had to set up a catalog presenting CHERUBINA and its products. Subsequently, we contacted these showrooms by sending them mails containing our catalog of products. For this mission I was responsible for the translation of the catalog in French and the creation and sending of mails to these showrooms. This mission allowed me to participate in the early stages of the development of an international clothing brand and to see the costs that such this operation represents.

To increase our number of potential prospects in France, I contacted several blogs specialized in the field of weddings so that they promote our brand to their audience. Realizing the promotion of our brand with blogs is a very effective strategy because it allows us to reach a targeted and highly qualified audience, because it is usually brides or guests who visit this kind of blog. To contact these blogs, Lucía and I have put together a proposal for collaboration. Lucía also explained to me how she worked, creating lists in Excel and it allowed me to become more organized in my ideas and my research.

This month of November was very enriching for me because I learned a very important concept in the business world: abundance. I learned that a company, in order to maximize its chances and obtain a large number of partners, must prospect a maximum of potential partners. To work with as many showrooms, portals and blogs as I could, I had to contact a large number of people for a minority to work with us. This concept of abundance is for me one of the most important notions I have learned so far and that I will take into account from now on.

My other activities with my HE: I did the inventory and quality control of the earrings. These are handmade jewellery and so some may have flaws. I found it interesting because I love jewellery and I could see what types of defects are acceptable and others not.




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