During my third and fourth week in the GG-Loop architectural office, I was mainly involved with two projects I have mentioned before: a residential building in Amsterdam and a modular exhibition pavilion.

It was interesting to observe different phases of a project. As for the exhibition pavilion, my HE had a presentation coming up, where he needed to show all the design in a comprehensible way – a so called deadline. I could observe how he deals with the pressure and managed his co-workers. I helped to prepare the model, which was supposed to show the essence of the structure. Watching the presentation being made, I learned a few things about the importance of a good atmosphere in the office – there was little feeling of pressure, just another job that had to be done.

Mainly in the latter two weeks I was working on the residential building in the north of Amsterdam.
The project reached a quite technical phase, where communication with the construction company is happening almost on a daily basis. I read the remarks given to Giacomo by the constructors, and improved the drawings. The project is so big, that there were many things to change one by one, as pointed out by the company. Overall, it was good to see how a real cooperation with this kind of company could look.

I discussed with Giacomo by business strategy for the Particles company, and he provided me with a useful tips, and pointed out that there are many things we cannot see ahead that could change the way that the company is developing.





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