In these two weeks I collaborated with my HE on a part of their work related to an European project.
In particular I had the opportunity to see how to analyze a questionnaire made to understand the quality and the satisfaction of some activities inside one of their project.

I also started, with my collegue Alex, to see in a more detailed way how to read and analyse the European programs and calls. It’s not an easy work at all. Being a consultant (not only from the Europlanning point of view) means stay several hours reading and analyzing hundreds of documents because you have to always have an overview of the field or the program or the context in which you have to work and at the same time a deeply detailed view of the specific project or activity that your clients, but in general your stakeholders, are interested in.

Innova_Sara Pinna_ Alex

Staying here and having the opportunity to see closer the consultant world is allowing me to face the real problems of this job and also to understand which are my “weaknesses” and so which skills I have to improve or acquire. That’s why I decided to start an online course of Project Management to better understand how it works and if it suitable for me.





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