Well well well, it’s December and even though I can already smell the Christmas and holiday joy, one thing makes me sad – my stay in the company Pashmere has finished. But I am not crying, no no no, ‘cause I am bringing a huge luggage of knowledge and experience back home!

I have spent the final stage of the programme performing direct sales of the production for the B2C customers – this was a useful experience and sort of “final check” of all the lessons that I have learned about the production of Pashmere. It was so interesting not only to try, but also to succeed in selling the beautiful pieces of Pashmere garments. Loved that! 🙂

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During the last month my mentor Gabriele and I have also spent respective time analysing and adjusting my business plan and idea itself – there are some very important decisions about all the process that I should follow in order to start my business and then to maintain it in Italy or in Lithuania ( we have analysed both possibilities, discussed pros and cons about both scenarios) in my “experience luggage”.

To sum up my six months stay in Italy, this programme had given me the valuable experience in running the business, about the specific fashion market, about knitting production and it’s sales, and in general, I have received lot of insights and suggestions from my mentor Gabriele Galatioto for the success of my business idea, so big thanks to you, Gabriele, and to all the programme!




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