The huge amount of work that, during the summer, congest the breweries is going slowing down, thank goodness! These two months from the point of view of the working were intensive, as I expected. In the last month of this Erasmus we could spend more time on research and development finding ideas for futures beers and new productive skills.

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And furthermore, we are starting a barrel house construction project. As an initial step we’ve had to taste the beers already present in four wooden barrels in the brewery. Doing the tasting we’ve understood which beers were too young or the beers that were ready for the blend or for the packaging. The blender job is a very difficult job!

Seen my academic studies on hops I have tried to encourage the brewers to give me the opportunity to create a new beer made only with “wet hops” during the picking seasonal time (September), that has never been produced by the brewery. After a first talk they have proven to be enthusiastic about the project and they accepted it! Who knows what we’ll be able to come up with.

Until next time

Tommaso Stettler




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