Six months have passed since the beginning of my EYE and those I am about to tell you are the last two weeks. Last week I dedicated it to the arrangement of some invoices, which I cataloged by order of origin and filed. I had the possibility of a confrontation with my colleagues and the human resources manager where we exchanged ideas and opinions about the purpose of my project. They asked me if I will return to Italy and what kind of behavior I will take to implement my business idea and how this experience can help me. I explained to them that I will return to Italy full of a unique experience that has enabled me to understand many things about entrepreneurship and my person.
[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 4700,4699″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”300″ height=”300″ title=”never”] In this week, as the beginning of each month, I took care to update on the site of the board the presences of the month of April of the students to extracurricular activities, an activity that took some days considered the activities and the number of students as already explained previously. These months have passed very quickly, I had the opportunity to immerse myself with myself and today I can say that I will come back a little different from how I arrived. I lived in a place that welcomed me, full of happy people who somehow managed to give me a little carefree. At a working level I found a healthy company that does its job impeccably, my host has managed over the years to conquer the market thanks to a constant and proper work and prepared people. I am very happy to have done my EYE with them because they taught me many things about the management and coordination of a company that has many centers and that has to do with a considerable number of people and I managed to integrate with them trying to grasp as much as possible. I can say that the collaboration was successful and there was a constant comparison and exchange.

With these lines I want to thank the project managers, my host, my colleagues and all of you who have spent some time reading everything I have written.
Ramona Pileggi.




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