Second month in Berlin at Ballou PR to me meant learning about human resource management, company’s marketing and clients relations and let me share some lessons and thoughts with you.

Most interesting session to me was one about human resources. Goal is pretty simple, make your employees happy and company grow, but path towards it can be though. Principal number one: anger and fear don´t work! It is all about trust, so what Ballou PR offers its employees is: nice working atmosphere, opportunity to grow, good salaries, budget for education, Ballou university (internal learning sessions), annual gathering of London, Paris and Berlin offices (which will this year take place in Budapest) and many more. Ballou PR Berlin has just been announced as a top employer in category of mid-size media, marketing and PR companies by Focus news magazine.

Clients play big role in a PR agency and basically without good clients you can´t make good job, match your income goals and attract good employees. Make sure that you agree on what are our responsibilities at the beginning and make sure there is a mechanism to evaluate your work. When it comes to finances, take care of contracts you sign!

And, finally, marketing of your company. It can sound funny that a PR agency needs marketing, but, yes, we do, and I am part of Ballou PR marketing team. Sharing or knowledge, know-hows, keeping good relations with journalists and clients and attracting new employees are our goals. It is up to you how you will brand your business, do it on purpose and meaningfully as it sometimes can influence how your business more than you think.

Until next month I wish you many good lessons on entrepreneurship!




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