Innova_Sara Pinna
When I arrived in Bucharest I was so excited for how alive and big this city is, so different from the place where I live in Sardinia, a quite and very small village. I started my Erasmus two days after I arrived, in a very hot and sunny day. At the office I first introduced myself to my HE, Mihaela, that explained me some things about her job and the company.
The first aspect I faced in the first week, after I inquired about the projects in which actually the company is involved, was to see the promotional and dissemination side of a project. I understood that, when your work is directed to other people or when you are a partner of a big project, is very important to spread information to your stakeholders about how are you doing your tasks and what are you actually doing for them or for a good result of the project. A clear and periodical communication is strictly necessary.
In the second week I started to think in perspective of lead my own future company. My HE guided me to the activities that are required to work in a consulting company. I put myself in the role of a consultat, trying to think what I would do if a client would come in my office asking for consultancy on the chance to start a business activity, and I started to search information about my field of interest, focusing on European funds opportunities. It’s a meticulous work, in which finding the right information and knowing every single aspect of that business are basic.




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