My name is Santiago Gomez. I studied artistic photography and a postgraduate on filmmaking, and subsequently I decided to undertake a business related to my studies. This could be something positive, but not before knowing the business from the inside. So I decided to start with the program Erasmus for young entrepreneurs that could give me the chance to travel abroad and see how companies work out of Spain.

At this moment I have spent a month and a half in the Netherlands, particular in Eindhoven. I have never been so decided to open my own business.

Here, in a country where does not exist the extreme poverty and the economic level is much higher than Spain, its people understand entrepreneurship in a different way. For example, the person who I deal with started his own company at age of 19th, something unthinkable in my country.

I realized that running a business is complicated, but not as complicated as it may seem at first. If you are a reliable person, you work hardly and you put your effort and enthusiasm in your work, you will obtain benefit, and what is better, with the benefit you will create a company.

The Netherlands is a country which, from my point of view, has an economically advanced society and with very positive values that we should adapt in Spain. However there are aspects which I do not share at all, as the fact that health care is not public.

In general my stay in Eindhoven is being very positive. Not only at level of learning, but also to know another culture. The Dutch entrepreneurship is starting to sink deeply in me. I hope that this continues during the time remaining.

Santiago Gómez.

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