Well, my great experience is going to end soon ! But for now I am just trying to enjoy the lasts weeks.

I am full time in the new shop in the city. It is fine but compare to the workshop there is much less action! I have things to do but it is different. There is more relationship work then creations. 
It is of course very interesting; the contact with the people is very important. People like to hear stories.. So, the shop give the chance to tell, explain and charm them !

To take care of a shop is nice: to decorate it, making the showcases, change something everyday, but honestly what I like the must there, is the fact that every morning I meet or see the same people. 
In this moment there is a music festival on Langeland, of course with mostly Danish bands. The island is full of tourists from different countries: Germany, Norway, Belgium, ..

That’s nice ! People and music in the city !!
[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 5166,5162,5165,5163″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”200″ height=”200″ title=”never”] The weather is very nice.. And the sea side so relaxing and inspiring!
In the beginning of July we had a workshop demonstration of Sand cast. People could come and see how does it work and bring a piece of  something to cast and make it in silver! 

The week after we had demonstration of the enamel, especially the Plique à jour technic. Sabine use a lot this beautiful technic; 

For the last few weeks I would like to concentrate my energy on setting stones technics and collecting all the useful informations for the future. Sabine wrote a list with all the tools a goldsmith should have for starting, that’s great! 




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