During the second month of mobility, we were working on marketing strategies and websites for both companies.

I registered my own company and with help of Host Entrepreneur, I came through all documentation process, which wasn’t easy for a person from abroad.

Thanks to seeing reality of leading clothing related business I decided to make changes in my own business plan. Difficulties with quick changes of trends and collections, wide diversity of colors, styles and sizes lead me to decision to abandon clothing shop idea and sell polish protein brands, which are well known in Poland, but haven’t reach Slovenia yet.

We also prepared marketing plan and budget for my new opened company. I invested in small stock and with help of HE organized logistic sollutions about distribution of my products in Slovenia. We made first contacts with potential ambassadors.

I also started preparation to making my website. Before it will be published I need to write terms and regulations, describe all the products and provide graphics with Slovenian titles. I wouldn’t be able to do it without my host entrepreneur! Unfortunately, regulations are strict and very particular, so we still didn’t finnish that part.

Together we built marketing strategy which already brought 1560 fans on facebook page HE’s online shop.

It was very busy month.
Extremely high temperatures which is now in Slovenia motivated us to stay in climatizated office even more 🙂




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