This is my last biweekly diary, so I’ll also make a quick full report.

The last two weeks have passed always doing online marketing. My job didn’t deviate much from the last few weeks. However, we will complete the last parts of the site in Italian.

My experience here was all in all good: relate with a new environment and interacting in an unknown language spurred me to be completely independent, also these months were great to focus on my project without distractions. I have traveled and visited several very nice places, certainly never as much as I would like to see it, but also this is to be put into account when traveling.

With regard to the skills acquired I must say that having interacted only with English was very good for the continuous development and mastery of the language, I learned several marketing techniques that I
did not know and seen from close concepts that I had only seen at the university.
In the while I have elaborated several ways to undertake my entrepreneurial project, and I have connected some contacts.

Last Greetings from Bratislava, for a while…..




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