Bonjour a tous et a tous,

my name is Marco Armento, I’m 33 years old and i would like to tell you something about my first two weeks as “Young Entrepreneur” in France.

After more than one month of “aclimatisation” in Paris, when i had the opportunity to keep in contact to my further hosting organization and understand its mission and goals, I’ve officially started my working relationship with “Elan Interculturel” since August 1th.

Briefly describing “Elan”, this is one of the about 130 organizations which assemble “Les Grands Voisins”, a unique multicultural enviroment located in Avenue Denfert Rocherau, where all these associations work to encourage people with social and economic problems to achieve their goals and overcome barriers and obstacles  throught: professional  training courses, artistic and cultural workshops, theatral representations, entertaing activities, french classes etc.

Specifically, “Elan Interculturel”  is involved in about 30 projects, most of them related to migrants’ support, which mainly consist in continuing education courses and trainings to help them to develop their start up business ideas and to search a job related to their skills and background.

It’s exactly for this reason that i decided to choose it as my “Host Organization”, being my project idea related to the creation of a web temple agency which would facilitate working connections between highly or specific skilled migrants and local entrepreneurs.

At the moment, i’ve been starting to work at the website ( creating a Power Point presantation with my suggests to try upgrading it ) and to learn something more about the project “Migrapreneurs”, surely the closest one to my business idea.

Me and Elan’s Webmanager Mena trying to show one of our creations

Indeed “Migrapreneurs”, which “Elan Interculturel” is one of the 4 European partners, aims to facilitate highly skills migrants to develop their business idea or to create the right connections to find a kind of job as much as possible connected to their specific background.

At the same time, “Les Grands Voisins” has plenty of apartments where about 300 migrants live and i had the opportunity to keep  the chance to star creating the first contact with some of them, with the goal to undestand which are their working aims and how they can actually be included in my project.

Furthermore, i should say i’m working in a multicultural group, composed by almost 20 people from France, Argentina, Colombia, Congo, Italy and Egipt, in which it’s really easy to create good vibes and connections and to work in a completely open enviroment which welcome everybody to be part of the team  and to feel definitely usefull to the common cause.

Me with Eloise, Adua, Emanuelle and Kristina during a funny working moment

Indeed, no doubt that Elan’s staff members are always ready to expand their horizons and to include eveybody who would like to help them carrying on their activities and projects, listening and apprechating any new suggest or pratical help and giving support to anybody would need it.

A revoir a la prochain fois pour parler de les deux semaines suivantesMe

Juan Marcos, me and Mena in Elan’s Office




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