Bratislava is a small capital, but full of services. The old town is very nice and a small town with many green areas. It is also close at many European capitals.

The first week in Fullfilment I passed to know the company and all its processes closely. As a outsourcing company it deals mainly with the handling and dispatch of third party products. I have performed work in the production line, practically in all processes: storage, labelling products, product recovery, packaging and preparation for shipment. I must say that they have an excellent information system that allows not to lose sight of any of the hundreds of products that are sended every day and of the thousands stored.

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The second week, after understanding the business process, I spent it in starting my main work here: the expansion of the company in the Italian market. I started, and almost finalized, the translation of the website. In the coming weeks I will directly contact potential customers from Italy.
My stay here is proving very good regarding the learning of some issues that I had known only from the academic point of view and now I see put into practice from a practical point of view.
I also contacted the local Fablab that would help me in the production of the first prototypes of my product.

Greetings from Bratislava!




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