6th – 20th of Febrary

My Host Entrepreneur from Asociación Projuven gave me a great support, he helped me to find accommodation and showed me around; I made new friends and started with my program. Malaga is a wonderful city, with a nice weather and a broad intercultural life. During the first week, I was introduced in the office to the whole team and I learned how the association works. Together with the Host we set a concrete plan with my responsibilities, tasks and activities. We also passed through a discussion of my academic background and professional experience. In the second week, I worked for the organization of the Training Course organized by Projuven near Malaga (Torremolinos), I worked on some translations and on the documentation of the participants.

20th of Febrary-3rd of March

In these weeks I was involved at NGOs working for immigrants through social activities and trainings, which help me to develop a wide range of skills and knowledges in the field of inmigration: visits and interviews at inmigration centers, presentations, etc. which helped me to understand the importance of having problem solving and decision making skills.
We also worked for the mobility projects and training courses, on presentations and the management of the web page.
In addiction, in the framework of the project KA2 “IMCEskills“ coordinated by Academy future for business development, we presented the project to the student of I.E.S. Sierra Bermeja (Institute of secondary education) in Malaga. The overall objective of the project will be to stimulate the young people to develop innovative thinking, find new employment opportunities and convert their own ideas into value – in other words to be entrepreneurial.
Indeed, 9 students from the institute will be actively involved and take part to the project activities. The Spaniards will have opportunity to meet other youngsters from Bulgaria and Italy interested on the topic of
entrepreneurship and to exchange ideas about what is successful business.

3rd of March – 17th of March

In these weeks we have held some meetings for Spanish students at the University of Malaga. The main themes of the talk were “The job challenge of youth unemployment¨, a fairly current issue with a big impact on society, and “immigration in Europe and in Spain”.
In addition, on 8th March, 2017, Asociación Projuven participated in the demonstration against sexist violence and the rights of women in Malaga. Projuven promotes gender equality and tackles issues of poor access to education, lack of decision-making power and violence against women. Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but the necessary basis for a peaceful and sustainable world.
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