I have to say it again .. My work with Sabine is amazing; we are very busy but it is crazy how many things at the same time a person can do – I am a big fan of her!

The work of the last months ended with our exhibition ‘Ting’.
It has been a success ; we have had around 350 visiters and they have been surprised and charmed by our work.

We are on a new step now, even if the idea of this project came out in march. On the 13th of June, we had the opening of Sabine’s shop in the city centre. The community created a project for the empty shops: they give for free, during 6 months an empty locals in the city, so, Sabine got one. And me too, together with her!
[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 5063,5064,5065,5066,5067″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”250″ height=”250″ title=”never”] The shop is called ‘Sommerfuglen’ (which means butterfly) I think for two reasons: the first is because the butterfly is Sabine’s workshop and jewellry symbol. The second is because the butterfly is a traveler insect, it doesn’t live a long time and when it stands somewhere we never know for how long.

For the shop we had only one key, but we couldn’t get a copy so we did it in silver. 😀 30 gr per key!

It is gonna be a great experience to see the management of the shop. For now, all I could see is the organization to open a working and selling place; all the materials, tools and stuff to decorate. Jewell are ready in the show cases, prices, information for the people, ..
It takes a lot if energy and time.

We have inside the shop three working tables. We will plan few workshops to show people some techniques we use especially the Sand cast, because many people asked about it and the enamel with of course the Plique-à-jour.

It is a big chance that Sabine started this shop while and because I am here. A big big commercial experience in a small town. I will play an important role and I am aware of taking notes.




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