This is the report of my 6 months exchange in Barcelona. My host was Holger Sprengel from H2A Ventures S.L.

My original business idea was to create a service / solution that would help hospitality companies with extra additional services that could be offered to the visitors to create a more exciting and comfortable experience. These services should help travellers to save time and energy. Therefore the list of these services has to be diverse and broad.

Being in Barcelona brought a lot of value for me in terms of market research and understanding. In this case research is the most important part to understand if the market is accepting such solutions and later to understand which services would be the most important and most turnover generating ones.

Barcelona is currently one of the most visited destinations for tourists in Europe and it is welcoming millions of tourists every month and it is still growing, therefore it is very convenient to analyse and research the market.

My HE has been the perfect placement for me as he has a great knowledge of the market. While working together with my HE I managed to see their daily challenges, operations and see all insides of the company. Even know the product of the HE’s company was different comparing with my original business idea, this experience still gave me a lot; understanding how to deal with daily challenges, how to manage company and the most important – how to make my own business idea more valuable to it’s customers. Thanks to my HE, now I understand which services would bring the most sales and would be the most convenient for the beginning – this definitely helps me with my future plans.

In overall this exchange was an amazing experience for me because the host company gave me a lot of great insights of the business world, helped me to form an approach to other companies that would be my future clients. Another great insight was practicality, it helped me to understand that the service should be very simple and should solve problems for the client instead of creating more operational challenges.

And of course I am very thankful to InterCollege who helped me with everything during all 6 months of exchange.




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