Week Four of my EYE in Kent: nothing is easy, here at Ecologia – Environmental
The beginning of my EYE program has been as stormy as my thoughts: my arrival in Sittingbourne was welcomed by a huge storm (and damages to the south eastern railway of England), and in the meantime I was still wondering if I the choice I made was the right one form me.

But then, when with my new rusty bike I went seeing the Company, every doubt disappeared and was left nothing but excitement.

From the first day I knew that the first weeks would have been challenging, and so it had been: trying to speak in English in a professional context has been very hard and dealing with the English regulation has been harder then I imagined, but with Giacomo Maini, Roddy Buchanan and Alberto Cazzaniga I managed to get at the bottom of my June timesheet.

After the first weeks in which I got familiar with the company’s structure, and the way it works, I started to learn about contaminated land management and risk assessment, but I also went on site and learn how is performed the gas monitoring and started to cooperate in an active way with the consultancy group of Ecologia. In this last week I have also had the chance to see a bit of the works of the Development group of Ecologia and it has been exiting to see how they are developing a new way to measure the LNAPL (light non-aqueous phase liquids) in the soil.

After four weeks I can say that I am happy to spend my EYE program cooperating with this medium 18 year old company. Not just because it is a very vivid environment in which I know I can learn a lot, but also because Ecologia Environmental Solution works on cases in which are involved brownfields and their redevelopment in a very conscious way, aiming to get the best possible results for the environment and for the people who are going to live in it.