The end of my first month in Malta has arrived very fast.
In PR department of BRND WGN there are new clients and there are daily meetings to elaborate new strategies.
As for me, I have the great opportunity to work with experiences people, to see how they face clients, how they organise their job ecc. Lot of things sound new to me, but there’s always someone I can count on and this is definitely the best way to improve myself. Of course I try to help them out and to learn as fast as I can.

The best thing at BRND WGN is probaby the working environment. The average age is around 30 and nobody has a “prima donna” attitude. The office environment is really informal and it’s perfect to let everybody express their talent.
Every last Friday of the month employees go out all together to drink something and to talk each other. It’s a great way to build a good team spirit and to meet new interesting people.

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