I’ve spent six weeks at BRND WGN in Malta, half of my path is behind me. In last two weeks a new client has arrived. The client is an international foundation and its European headquarter is in Italy. We met them in BRND WGN office first and we arranged weekly conference calls to follow their communication strategy.
The early stage with a new client is maybe the most delicate, but also the funniest, when everybody can  be as creative as they can. It’s very interesting for me participating in the strategy definition from the beginning. Daily meetings with PR staff and meetings with clients represent a great chance to understand more deeply the job I’m going to do. Being able to understand what the client wants and how to satisfy his needs is something that requires expertise and good social skills too.

In the meanwhile, the tourist season in Malta arrived. The island is full of tourists of all ages and students that come here to learn English. This means that the most famous places on the island are often crowded, that it’s not easy to find a sit on buses, but also that there are lot of great events. During summer, in fact, everyday it’s possible to choose between different events: art festivals, concerts, wine or beer fests and so on. Furthermore, there are 75 village festivals occurring over summer months. The only difficult thing could be to choose one.







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