In the last weeks, I have the chance to develop the design project of a new architectural project, together with a good colleague. It is the building of a private house in the landscape of Mallorca, for which we have to propose the materials and the building technology to use, the design and the kind of furniture of every rooms according to the needs and the tastes of the clients. This phase of research let me discover new methodology to design, innovative materials to employee, and the different kind of furniture we can choose to furnish a space. Furthermore, thanks to this project, I have learnt about 3D modelling programs I had no idea before and I realized the importance of a communication with the clients, showing them the continuous progress of the project.
I am putting all these things in the baggage of ideas for my future.

My experience in Palma de Mallorca with EYE started on 16th of August and it took little more than 4 months until now. It would have been finished at the end of December, before Christmas, but I decided to ask a month more in OHLAB with the aim to improve some other skills, to reach the goals fixed in the early project and to carry out some of the expected points of the activity plan not totally achieved.
The skills and objectives I wish to improve in the next month are:
– having greater awareness of: marketing stages; economic risks of a business; price policy; kind of architectural market demand.
– becoming more familiar with: the interior and specific design projects; the collaboration with other professional roles, such as craftsmen, engineers and technicians who support the architectural design process.
– achieving a high technological know-how and a good ability of organizing all the phase of a little design process.
– improving the knowledge of all the technical aspects of construction, such as: structural issues; urban planning plans; the documents to be delivered to approve a project; the costs materials and their specific features.
Therefore the specific activity plan consists of the following points:
– development of the executable design phase and the relative design documentation;
– participation in the creative and compositional moment of a new design project;
– design of an interior project (housing, commercial or exhibition spaces), specially dealing with furniture;
– participation in meetings with client and contractors;
– supervising of work sites.

See you for the next and last update!

Maria Bruna




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