During the forth month of mobility we were working on marketing.
How to get to the client? How we can attach people to visit our website, not only to buy, but just to come, read, get some knowledge and have nice impression about us. I realized how much time and work is needed to make successful and profitable company. Our work on Facebook page paid off. We got almost 2000 subscribers, a lot of likes and comments under the posts.

Anyway this month wasn’t easy. We had some logistics problems with deliveries and suppliers. Stress, responsibility and preparation to be ready to complications and solving them in the most effective way is something which Young Entrepreneur must be ready for. It was a test for me if I really want pursue my dreams and continue working as Entrepreneur with all it’s risks and consequences or if I want to come back from that way and go get regular job.

My last month of Erasmus just finished. It was so short and so many things happended, but now its time to come back… Staying here, but come back to reality and lead my business here without support as was Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur Programme, which was great experience and help. I changed my business plan so many times, that I really don’t even believe, that this version, which I have now is the last one.

I had many opportunities and chances to change my objectives and see work from different perspective. I decided to continue self employment and face the challenges I undertook before mobility. My view for it is less optimistic, but more realistic. I am also prepared for all the scenarios , how my carrier will look alike after this programme. I advise Young people which consider to take opportunity to go to such mobility to do it.
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