Well, it’s been three months since the beginning of this adventure that now, unfortunately, ended and I’m already back in my land: Sicily.

In the last month in the studio the rhythms were less frenetic and was already breathed holiday. We therefore took advantage of the sun and the heat and we organized, on weekends, different activities, including some more enjoyable as a visit to a brewery.

I continued with the task of verifying the correct execution of the plans As-Built, but also of the production of further As-Built tops, in reference to the great project to which I had started working after the competition; I continued my training in this area and learning elements of the Belgian legislation, I could compare them with the Italian ones.

At the same time, I collaborated with the working group that deals with the project “Maison Administrative de la provinces de Namur” helping, with the production of documents and plans necessary for the execution phase, the group itself. In particular, I have developed the construction details of some façade elements for the current construction site, verifying, together with the others, the technical aspects and the environmental aspect of the project.

Brussels, is a city where I lived well and that offered me a lot in these three months, in fact, is a very dynamic city in constant change, but yet recognizable image. There is always something new to do, to visit, to learn, people to know and I hope soon to be involved in the many cultural events that the city offers.
I am sure that the knowledge I have acquired thanks to this experience will prove very useful to carry out my business in Italy and soon be able to open my own firm.




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