The first month of my EYE program has been very exciting. The office is located in the centre of Algeciras (Spain), which is a small city with a friendly atmosphere near the sea.

Starting on the first day, I met the team, which welcomed me very pleasantly. There is a good environment in the office and the colleagues are so friendly and helpful. The first week was basically a period of introduction and adaptation to the office environment. During this period, Carmen, my host, and I were able to exchange opinions and establish and organise our way of working together.

Carmen is teaching me little by little to use the software installed on the computer, which they use to manage their clients. Also she made me participate in meetings with clients, so I am learning how to deal with them. The meetings allowed me to get information and preferences from the clients in order to gain some details to implant in the website that I will built for the company

In this month I have been able to complete the design of the Nuyva website. After analysing the needs of the company and how my host wanted to position her company in the market, I finally made the sketch of the website. She liked the design, which was very rewarding for me.

So far, I am very happy with the work we are doing and I am looking forward to seeing how the next months will be.




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