During the sixth and seventh week we have kept working on the planning of a territory that has several small rural towns and a great landscape heritage. I have been able to use and increase my knowledge about inner territories depopulation, an issue that is being discussed a lot nowadays in Italy but that concerns Spain and Catalonia as well.
Alongside Monica and the rest of the team, we have reasoned about a new project and started to define a work plan in order to initiate this work. The project is a masterplan able to extend a commercial area of the east of Barcelona and must consider diverse planning issues: environmental, residential, socio-spatial…
One of the goals we are aiming to is the use of a more accessible representation for all the citizens instead of the regular, technical representation. In fact, the project includes a lot of participatory meetings.
[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 5133,5134,5135,5136″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”200″ height=”200″ title=”never”] During the ninth and tenth week we continued to work on the new project. The work is very interesting and stimulating. Within just two weeks we have understood that the project area is extremely complex.
Furthermore, I have been able to deepen my knowledge of ArcGis, particularly about demographic analysis on urban and neighborhood scale.
In Barcelona there is still good weather and I continue to explore the city. Thanks to my colleagues I have been able to meet new places, like Gracia, where the studio is located. I have also visited San Cugat, a town near of Barcelona city, and was impressed by the beauty of the its parks.
Finally, I have been able to attend several conferences regarding the access to housing. In fact, this is a current issue in Barcelona.

During the eleventh and twelfth weeks, the work has become intense. A new project has been assigned to the study. Compared to other works down developed so far, this project has different objectives and poses new challenges. In fact, alongside traditional planning we have to think about how to represent our ideas so they are clear for the citizenship.
It is the first job I have been able to work on from the first stage. Now, after defining the design strategies, we need to understand how to make them become real.
In addition, at the same time, I have worked with Mónica on a small urban project: an urban plot of a coastal municipality of Catalonia. I have deepened my knowledge of Spanish and Catalan legislation, comparing it with the Italian one. I am sure that the experience I have acquired with this small project will prove to be very useful for me in order to carry out my own business in Italy.




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