Time goes by quickly during the experience at Invesia Construccion y Servicios.

The most imminent objective is to improve my Spanish, so to be able to interact with the colleagues during the conversations and the reunions. It’s getting better, but I still need to work on it. Because of my shortcomings with the Spanish language, I have to face some difficult situations with technical terms that results usually easy to me when I work in Italy.

cantiere_lavori internicantiere_esterno struttura

Besides that I am continuing visiting the building sites, where theory becomes practice, and where there are every day new requests to satisfy. Staying with the workers is a good training for me: I have the chance to ask them some information or (try to) understand their conversations so I can interact with them, since very often a good relationship with co-workers is the first important step for a well succeeded work.

cantiere_rifacimento pavimentazione

With Victoria’s supervision, I started to use a software of management, employed a lot in engineering in Spain, to analyze the work and to succeed in determining the costs of it, costs of labour and the profit margin for the enterprise. It starts from the theoretical concept to quantify the processes with the related cost: I would say it is the basis of everything for this job.

In these 2 weeks I also found out one particular Spanish custom, “la puesta de bandera”: finish the structure of a new building is an important moment; if everything is developed without accidents, all the workers stay together in the new structure, hoisting a flag in sign of good result and share lunch. Such a beautiful experience, above all for the convivial and informal time in which all workers of different areas eat around the same table.

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