Already half period has passed and I can say my EYE is going pretty well.

My Spanish is improved and I’m interacting a lot better with the colleagues, thanks to the technical terms I’ve learned by studying the software of works management. Analyze the works, quantify the material and have the general vision of the work helps me to have the complete perception of the problem.


Studying the codes and the law that regulates the market and the planning is essential  to improve the approach to the management. As in Italy, also in Spain the European codes are adopted from the Comunidades Autonomas (Regions) and suited for the local demands. Important, therefore, the integration of the knowledges to technical level with the legislation in force.

I have the opportunity to spend some time with Jesus Helguera Rodriguez, head of the technical office and a man of great experience, matured in 25 years spent in Fabricas y Drenajes (now Invesia Costruccion y Servicios). Always available for explenations and suggestions, he is the reference for all the technicians of the office.


An important experience to underline is the visit at the Ceama, Centro Andaluz de Medio Ambiente, a center of study and research of the university of Granada that  works for investigate on connected themes to the study of the waters and the maritime and hydraulic works. The students, the researchers and the technicians use advanced softwares  and they use laboratories of test  where they do experiments and verify projects solutions for  external enterprises.

lab_Ceama_1 lab_Ceama_2





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