Hi my name is Agnese and I am an Italian architect.

At the beginning of October I started my adventure as a Young Entrepreneur in Rotterdam. The firsts weeks have flown, I experienced a true full immersion in the architecture world.
Rotterdam is incredible for this field, it’s a intense pulsing core of contemporary architecture, the city hosts some of the most worldwide famous offices and it’s constantly evolving.


Even smaller offices like “2by4 architects” share the same passion and love for the good design, here I had the pleasure to meet my HE, Remko Remijnse, founder and manager of the company.
In the first weeks he introduced me to all the ongoing projects of the office and he told me about his personal entrepreneurial experience, with all the pros and cons that he encountered along his path.

Since the first days I felt very welcomed in the office, by Remko and by the team, we immediately start a very productive collaboration; I felt involved in the decisions to take and trusted with responsibilities.
Every week I could work on a different project with different tasks, some of which I had never the opportunity to confront before.

We worked together for the tender phase of a big healthcare complex; this thought me the right way of presenting the office to potential clients and the important of a good marketing strategy. I can say that I arrived in a very lucky moment for the office and so for me, because in addition to the participation in the tender I was also able to experience the subsequent excitement of the assignment of the project and how gratifying feels to be rewarded for your work and for your efforts.


We also worked on images and models for the preparation of a workshop with clients, regarding the recreational housing topic. In this case I had the possibility to give something back, sharing my personal knowledge with Remko and with the whole team. My experience in rendering, image editing and postproduction has significantly changed the final result of the presentation.




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