During the first week I participated in orientation period in L’orma organisation. The orientation period which consisted in individual meetings with the relevant staff members. During those meetings I had an opportunity to discover different tasks and roles in the Association and I got to understand the reason of the task division and how to roles and those tasks has increased during last years. The president of the Association Paolo Menescardi introduced me to the L’ORMA’ mission, vision, objectives, business model (social enterprise), management style, the development strategy for the future.  During first week I had an opportunity to share my professional experience (specially in field of Erasmus+) and potential strategy to develop international department in L’orma. 

17/07/17 – 21/07/17

During the second week I joined the president of the Association during his daily routine. He showed me his personal schedule planning and explained his strategy for time management. It was an interesting discover, that he is planning his personal life in the same way.   My tasks during the second week included analysis of my own business plan and working on mission and the vision of my organisation. We identified the first steps in order to plan and implement my personal business.  We also spend time on creating vision for international collaboration in L’orma (SWOT) and we discussed and planned how European projects could be used as start-up project (for long-term onces).

I am very pleased with the L’orma staff and working atmosphere. I received full support during those days and I am very motivated to continue the project. It is an inspiring process that brings a lot of ideas for my future professional career.





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