The first two weeks of my programme have passed and I am coming back to you with a short overview of this period.

To begin with, I am extremely excited about being inside the company “Pashmere”, having this amazing opportunity to learn from Gabriele Gelatioto and in general, to be here in Perugia, in Italy. The time of these two weeks had basically melted like sugar in a cup of coffee! I did get to know the premises of the headquarter of “Pashmere” in Perugia, met employees working in the company for many years, got to know the latest production and analysed the outlet store which is located just on the side of the headquarter building.

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As I have also started to learn and analyse sales and marketing channels during the passed days, together with Gabriele we have visited the main hotels in Perugia, where the company has it’s own glass vitrines with cashmere production and marketing material. To learn about this sales and marketing channel was not only new for me, but also very interesting as at the same time I had a chance to visit all those marvellous hotels.

In the meantime I am continuing learning about the cashmere as a material in general and also getting ready for the Pitti Imagine Uomo, which will be held in Florence next week and we are going there. Can’t wait for all the new experiences and continuous learning!




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