Hi everybody.. Finally I started my EYE in London!
The first two weeks have been very interesting because I met all the staff from Chocolate Factory and I could understand the mission and goals of the organisation. Chocolate Factory is a leading arts development training and a creative regeneration charity based in Haringey Cultural quarter. It is involved in the creation of opportunities for artists and creative industries for the community through a range of learning programmes, enterprises and support services, facilities and resources. It is located in two big buildings, Chocolate Factory 1 & 2 which host more than 200 artists covering a range of art forms from music, films and media to performing arts and fashion.

This is why I’ve chosen them as my Host organisation because my future NGO will be involved in learning programmes, cultural events and exchanges too.

At the moment I am understanding and analysing all the Europeans programmes in which they are involved in order to get a general idea of how does it work. It has been amazing discovering the wide range of opportunities we have at European level as individuals or organisations, as a small or big businesses and thanks to this exchange I could bring to my city my new discoveries and create innovative partnerships around Europe.

In particular I am learning how to get funding for a project and how to apply for it, how to discover the essential strategies for winning partnerships and projects. It seems very interesting and useful and I am really curious about what I will discover in the following days.




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