It’s already been two weeks since my first day at the company. The Senda SL group is a company that deals with education, child animation and leisure time management.

The first day I had the opportunity to visit the headquarters located in the industrial site of Guadalquivir in Jerez de la Frontera. I met the manager in charge and the whole work group, including the owner, who welcomed me with great cordiality. Susanna, my manager, explained to me the specific activities they perform, then how they deal with the educational part of children through the kindergartens they manage and the part of child animation through play areas and green areas that are an excellent opportunity for children to play activities of a playful nature. With her, the activities to be carried out on a weekly basis are decided. The company plays a very important role and has become a reality of concrete reference in the world of education.

The coordination and management office has two warehouses with all the material for children and two offices, in one there is me and I’m working with three other people. In these two weeks I have collaborated with them in administrative activities and in particular I have dealt with contracts arrangement and curriculum vitae selection.




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