During these first two weeks here at Fyne Ales I basically attended an introduction and integration program. I am staying in the nearby village of Cairndow where the company is providing me a room in a cottage that I am sharing with an other brewer. People it has been very welcoming and always trying to help me with any practical need or claryfing any doubt about the jobs we are carrying out every day.
I am working in the brewery helping on the packaging operation but also supporting the production when we can afford to organise the team in this direction.

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The brewery is living an exciting development moment with the refurbishing of their original brewery and I am happy to be involved and give a hand in projecting and realzing the new improvements offering my technical and engeneering know-how.

I have also been travelling the country toegether with the head brewer and visited other important Scottish brewing facilities, I really loved this kind of experience and I think that it will happen again soon.


The team is always involving me also in their internal meetings and formation programm such as beer tasting panels and also I attended a health and safety intensive course.

I am really enjoying this welcome much more than any possible expectation and I am sure that a lot more is to come during this work and information sharing.




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