Every Entrepreneur begins somewhere!

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme is the main anchor through which I already started learn what it takes to run a venture through gaining hands on experience for myself.

I consider myself a lucky person as I have got the opportunity to participate in this  programme which already open to me the door to the new achievements.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is the programme which already started to help me to gain international experience, take me to the next level by exploring a new culture and environment and expand my network for the future by making the right connections and growing the professional network to support my future entrepreneurial ventures.

Thus, I would like to start with the environment and people I have got to work, my colleagues are open minded, flexible, responsible and very helpful, they have a special way when dealing with situations, problems and staff. The solution-oriented strategy helps them to transform problems in opportunities, as well as conflicts in ways of learning and building new things.

My first day at the Baby People’s organisation turned to be very productive and excited, the mix of confusion and fear I had in the beginning transformed into curiosity and willingness to learn everything  possible from my new colleagues and the Host Entrepreneur.

Everyday with Baby J has been real discovery for me, a totally new environment the struggle to understand British English, to understand the tasks, all of these thinks taken together motivated and inspired me to learn as fast as possible all the activities and accordingly to adapt to the new environment I have got the opportunity to get to know.

During these 2 weeks at Baby J’s company, I have done lots of activities, from shadowing the meetings to planning the activities, from promoting the company online to running researches in order to find out the competitors and create partnerships with other similar organisations.

Doing all of these, in the first place helped me to get acquainted with the workflow, to gain the insights needed in order to create a proper plan for the future.

In conclusion, these two weeks in the UK, already impacted my vision and my plans for the future, I have got a clearer idea about how my business should look like and also became aware about the importance of responsibility and  hard work in starting a business.




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