first-2-w-eye-tommaso-stettlerMy first impression of the place in which I will work in these months has been of total admiration, Scotland is amazing! I’m very thank to Andrea who has come to take me up at the airport, he is one of the 4 brewers present in the brewery. I am going to live with him for this period and he is going to be also my colleague during this experience. For working motives, he had immediately to leave to a Beer Festival for a week so I began my first working day in a full immersion of Scottish people! The day after the arrival I’ve immediately begun the job in the company, initially knowing my colleagues and giving a first sight at the productive structure. During the first week I knew better Stuart, another of the 4 brewers, and Ahran, his right-hand. They were both very friendly to helping me on been introduced in the team, let me helping with each of their activities and showing me how the things going on here.

In the first two weeks I’ve used mostly of the time settling in and doing boring and hard activities, like cleaning cask (British kind of keg) and storing tons of malt sacks. In my opinion, to reach the objective to be involved in a new way of work, begin from these kind of activities is the key, because they let you perceive the work mechanisms and to give importance to all the production phases.

I’ve noticed from the first moment that the beer world is very different here respect to Italy, in fact I can see that the priorities and the methods to achieve certain objective are others.

The production system is composed by two plant with different capacities, one is 10 Barrels (around 16hL) of volume and the big one has 40 barrels (around 70hL). The smaller one is devote to the special beers production, and the other to production of flagship products.

The beers are incredible, like the colleagues that have proven to be very accessible people and careful to my integration in the team.

For what it concerns the weather, I love rain! (It will get me out of the mood)





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