The first day I arrived there, they gave me an introduction of their staff and their space. The cultural association is located in Zorrotzaurre, an old industrial neighbourhood that is now changing and being regenerate. In fact, the principal aim of Zwap is developing cultural activities that helps to that proccess. The association is in an old factory that is divided in several areas with offices, a theater, a laboratory, a coworking space and a bar. Eight people run the association, each one with a different task (production management, communication and administration) and they are helped once in a while with other collaborators.

The first two weeks have run fast, as Bilbao is a new place for me and I’m getting lots of new information. What I have decided with the team for this initial period is to get to know well the neighbourhood and the association, as well as start to contact people or other associations in order to organize by myself a workshop.

One of the activities which I have assisted to is their weekly meeting where they have discussed about the organization of next events. They also have gived me a book that they have made that explains how to create and develop a project from the beginning and a list of cultural associations and spaces to know and try to stablish productive connections.




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