My first week with L’Orma had a fully introducing character. I met the association’s project trainer, who I would be working with closely in the upcoming monhts. He welcomed me at the office and explained me the enterprise’s development, experiences and missions, while our expectations and and skills were also discussed during these days, in order to see where we could both best contribute during the development of this project. The association’s task division and working methods were explained to me, while I also received an introduction of L’ORMA’s staff. [su_custom_gallery source=”media: 4341″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”300″ height=”300″ title=”never”]

During the second week, I was able to actively prepare and participate in one of the association’s already existing non-formal education activities in a local mid-level school in Milan. This experience has been very eye-opening to me as to L’ORMA’s operative character, since I presonally experienced the way the association puts its ideologies into practice and the way teachers and schools perceive those. In addition, I met the association’s president and other staff members. A detailed explanation of the association’s management strategies was then given to me, in order to know how to particpate in the co-operation and communication of the working team. I was provided with an overall planning of the upcoming months’ tasks, while together with the project trainer, I made an overview of task priorities in order to start with the preparation of the upcoming Multi-language summer camp. As the first phase regards an in depth-research on the target to be defined for the project implementation, I have mostly been focussed on online research and the creation of contact lists and research questions for the interviews that I will do with the actors involved. Also, I have written some news articles about the project’s activities, which were included in the website.
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During the third week, I met other staff members and received information about their tasks and responsibilities within the enterprise. Further attention was paid to online research on the target to be defined for the project and the decision of the most suitable and effective approaching method of the actors to be interviewed. The organization’s already existing contacts were revised and a future approach strategy was developed in order to appropriately contact the new actors. I also translated different parts of the project’s website from Italian into English, since the website will be translated in as many foreign lanugages as possible.




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