I arrived to Porto at the beginning of March. My first day at work happened on 11th of March, I went to see the studio for the first time. The office occupies a smalll space on 4th floor of the office building on the biggest street in Porto – Avenida da Boavista.

The arrival to the office was very exciting. I was welcomed by Luis. He started on by telling me all about past, recent and future project in the Ainda Arquitectura studio which was a great way to understand and get familiar with my workspace for the following months. After that we got on how we were going to cooperate for the next four months of my stay.

For the last two weeks I was adjusting step by step to new work environment. I was already be able to be present on some project releted meeting.
I am getting to know the people who work in the office and programmes that are being used in the studio. Luis introduced me to the first project I am going to be working on with him. Also there is a competition going on in which I am helping while developing my computer skills. After getting to now all the organization of the work on projects we established on how we will collaborate.
I am also working on the projects held in portuguese which I am constantly translating which helps me developing my portuguese skills.

I am discovering the city of Porto a little bit each day. I already visited the most touristic places. I’m exploring portuguese cousin and rich cultural life that is going on in the city.

I am enjoying my stay so far, the first two weeks were filled with new experinces with the studio and I already feel it effects, my both, personal and professional growth. All this got me already in a very creative mood and I have already started developing my own ideas for my future studio.




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