I started my Erasmus for young enterpreteur project 1 month ago. In the past few weeks I had the opportunity to observe how my organisation, l’Orma works. They handle different projects such as european projects (especially erasmus +) and a really interesting program/project which is called Fit for Kids.

Fit for Kids was founded in Denmark, it is a program for children who deal with obesity. With l’Orrma I have the chance now to work as a volunteer and help children and at the same time be part of the organisational process. I’m responsible for the facebook page of Fit for Kids Italy, the facebook groups, also the whatsapp group, helping in gather volunteers, writing e-mails.

This week I went to my first lesson, it was an amazing experience! Working with other volunteers, who have the same goal as you and helping children is always a special thing to do. We encourage the children to do some exercise with un a playful way. I’ll be going every week in this 4 months and I can’t wait to see the outcome of the whole program.




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