In 1927, German physicist Werner Heisenberg enounced the uncertainty principle, that apply mostly to modern mathematic and physic. It assert a fundamental limit to the precision with which certain pairs of physical properties of a particle, known as complementary variables, such as position x and momentum p, can be known. To sum up this idea, my father popularized it as: you can never tell at the same time where, when and why.

I arrived in Lisbon the 07 October 2018 at 18h23 approximately, I was hosted by a friend of a friend that I had never met, and I was supposed to start an unexpected collaboration with someone known for his creative architecture and design research work, which is far away from what I ever did in the field of architecture. Heisenberg was right, months ago I could never have tell that I will be continuing my little enterprise abroad in Lisbon, few weeks ago I could never tell I will have access to Daniel Zamarbide, his work and his enterprise.

I’ve met Daniel thanks to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur program. We started collaborating a month ago. He is architect, designer, professor and now my host entrepreneur. His projects are known for constantly questioning the real mean of architecture, I know myself for being curious; having access to him should be a good opportunity.
Our relation is based on our respective work as architects, but I’m mostly here to learn from his entrepreneur experience and knowledge. I early discovered that he has founded three different architecture firm that existed for different purpose. The last one, BUREAU, settled in Lisbon Portugal, will provide me a desk for this new collaboration.

Daniel Zamarbide, as an asked architect and professor at EPFL architecture school, is working in Portugal and Switzerland at the same time. Depending on his schedule, he spend the week in one or the other country. But he is in Lisbon at least every 2 weeks. As I’m interested into the possibility of a fully remote architecture office, and I’m curious about the ability to work with collaborators abroad, this BUREAU immersion is a perfect deal to me.

After one mounth, I’m starting to understand how things are organized between Daniel Zamarbide and his
collaborators. Because of his thigh schedule, his BUREAU in Lisbon have a very specific organization. It has the ability to be self-running, and to respond quickly to every need that are expressed by him or the clients. In the other hand, Daniel knows and work on every project. He is the mind behind every first sketches and give direction to the concepts and images. He is also able to put his trust into people for creative and personal matters when he feels the project is running. I have to admit I still don’t understand every aspect of this organization, so I cannot analyze it or judge it yet. But now, i’m here, having access to the working process. I see people communicate, collaborators drawing and sharing ideas, I feel pressure growing and decompress depending on the phases of the projects, and
I’m part of it.




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