That’s the view seen every day while going to Nuno Mateus’s atelier.
There’s a sweet weather in Lisbon: the perfect end of the summer in the neighbourhood of Santos.
The atelier faces to Tejo river and from the windows you never lost the contact with the water; the same it happens when you go around in the city.
Santos have the flavour of a manufacturing neighbourhood where the old house are mixed to the great ancient storage buildings.
Today, the activities of this area are related only to tertiary sector as offices and places for drinking and eating.
Nuno’s atelier is a beautiful space with a nice light and a beautiful view to the surrounding landscape.
Nuno is a great chief with a great kindness attitude to follows and listens to the young collaborators of his studio.
The working atmosphere is very nice and Nuno surrounds himself with young architects.
He believes in young people and he trusts in their work motivating them continuously.
To built an horizontal company is not easy but Nuno is going to succeed in his atelier: zero competition and great cohesion between the collaborators.




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