Goodmorning everyone,
My experience in Bruxelles, working on my project, is going on!
The host stopped his office two weeks for holydays, but right now everyone comes back and we
start work hard again.
During the holydays I wrote the last part of the document that I will need for the different
presentations that await me.
The colleagues are helping me with latest corrections and to make everything work better.
For me, the really intresting thing it is to understand the mechanisms by the European community
produces its documents. Understanding a very technical language for me…
I read a lot of stuff and everytime nothing is as appears. I need to do a great job of interpretation to fully understand what the real needs of the European community are.
Fortunately, the guys here are much more prepared and experienced than me and, with little bit of
patience, I’m starting to orient myself too.
My partner in Italy is following me from there, and we make a lot of skype call to update on job
each other.
I still have two and a half months available and I want to use them better.
In fact, I'm also trying to understand how to continue a collaboration at the end of mine EYE.
I'm sure something will happen…
Autumn is approaching in Bruxelles and returning from vacation has not been easy, but the city is
still fun and stimulating.




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